Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Conceal Appeal!!!

Whether you use a stick, tube or pot, concealer can be a girl's bestfriend!! :) Concealer is used when you need a little more coverage on your face and foundation, press powder or mineral powder alone just isn't doing the job. It can assist in covering pimples, dark circles, scars, redness and even bags under the eyes. Concealer can be a lifesaver, disguising flaws to give you a polished and even toned look. Concealer is one of my favorite items in my makeup bag!! So for those who aren't to familiar with concealer, here's a few simple tips :)

Ideally, you want a concealer that’s very close, but slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. That’s the point of a concealer; you want to blend your natural skin tone into areas where you have blemishes. So the best concealer color is generally one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. That way you can blend out darker spots in your skin. Most people have yellow undertones in their skin. So generally a yellow toned concealer will work with your skin tones. Yellow-based colors are the best for almost everyone, because they counteract both redness and blueness. If you want to forgo foundation and wear only concealer you must shop around for one that matches your skin color as well as possible.

In general, dryer concealers adhere to skin better than creamy ones which can be more sheer. Stick concealers are the driest. They can resemble a pencil or a tube of lipstick. The "compact" variety can be either dry or creamy. The "pot" variety comes in a pot, tube or wand and is almost always creamy and therefore more sheer. For covering a pimple, you will probably want a dry stick one so the opaque color will adhere longer. To cover under-eye circles, most celebrity makeup artists want the consistency of a creamier one.

Apply with sponges, brushes, or fingertips, in a thin layer and then add more thin layers if necessary. Always set it with powder. This will make it last longer. It is sometimes better to apply concealer with a brush, because a finger will generate too much body heat and may cause it to melt a bit. For the most flawless, undetectable application, blend the edges of it into the skin with an eye-shadow brush.

Mint Message:
You can use concealer under your eye, but also above your eye. Dot it under your eyebrow and smooth over. This will immediately bring out your brow bone. For oily skin, a dryer formula of concealer works best. Use a light layer to give a matte finish to your cheeks and forehead. Use concealer before you put on lipstick. Priming your lips in this way gives you a very even tone to put the lipstick over. But it also lends depth to your lipstick, and gives you a rich matte shine.

Fashionably yours - Chandra

Wearing MAC NW45 cream concealer


  1. Just bought some concealer from MAC yesterday...along with a few other goodies. Will be giving this try. Wish me luck!

  2. Oh the concealer looks beautiful on you! <3

  3. Aww, this is beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥


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