Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Fly or Spanish Fly?

Seville is the most artistic and cultural city in southern Spain.  The city is positioned right along the plain of the Guadalquivir River.  Surprisingly with this being a smaller city in Spain, the fashion there was not plain at all…it was down right AMAZING!!!
Craig and & I took a trip there in November 2010.  On our way to a museum called “Bellas Artes” in the rain, we passed a clothing store along a cobblestone road only to find a fashion forward boutique!  When I went inside I was amazed to see each section of the rack color coded with various garments of all types and styles.  There were purses above the garment racks.  One in particular caught my eye since I was in the search of a neutral colored bag to go with anything.
Every time I attempted to look for a purse in a neutral color palette, the style or color never motivated me to buy one…until that day!  I noticed that this purse had a different flair with its crocodile print.  It could be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or clutch.  My fashion sixth sense reared its head and I knew that I had to have it.  Also, the price was right at 29 Euros or roughly 40 US dollars (with no sales tax)!  The sales clerk saw me clutching the purse so tightly in the store, since it was the last of that particular color.  She finally came over and asked if she could hold it behind the counter for me so that I could continue to shop in comfort - LOL!! 

What do you think...Super Fly…or should I say Spanish Fly!?! 

Mint Message:

You can get the same look by rocking a large hobo, tote, satchel or clutch purse!  Neutral colors can consist of creams, browns, tans, and even greens!  So go out and get "Minty!" :)

Fashionably yours - Shellena
Shoulder Bag




  1. Love that bag!! And Seville is awesome, I should go again soon :)


  2. Beautiful bag! Love the cream


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