Thursday, February 17, 2011

Alvin Ailey Tradition Meets Fashion

Dress:  Taylor; Jacket:  Piko 1988;
Purse: BCBG; Shoes:  Ellen Tracy; 
Hose:  Hanes
 My hubby and I have an annual tradition of attending the Alvin Ailey dance performance in February here in Atlanta, GA at the Fox Theatre.  I started this tradition when I first moved here 7 years ago and then got Craig hooked once we started dating.  I am so happy that he is as "cultured" as I am!  I never have to drag him to go with me.  :) 

Attending the Alvin Ailey performance is a great date night for us, which allows for us to get dressed all snazzy for an awesome night out in the city.  Plus, the Fox Theatre has such a retro vibe which makes me want to get dressed up even more!  :)  We just attended the most recent show on Sunday, 2/13 and it was awesome!!  We had sushi at BlueFin right after.

The hard work and dedication that the Alvin Ailey staff puts forth to ensure that the audience has a great time helps us to get our money's worth, plus more.  The backdrop on the stage is always vibrant and the dancers costumes always pop to fit the proper dance routine.  To me...that evokes fashion!!!

These dancers can really dance!!!  You will see everything from ballet, modern, hip hop, African dance, to everything else that your mind can imagine!!!  I wish that I could dance like most of them. :) Last year, the Alvin Ailey dance team did a tribute to Ottis Redding, which was phenomenal!!!  For any of you that have not attended one of their performances, please check out your local listings for a performance near your city:

Ok, so you probably are wondering what did I wear?  Well, this year I decided to opt for a little brown dress instead of a typical black dress.  I paired it with a shagged 3/4 sleeve jacket to add a retro vibe.  I got this jacket from a boutique in Jacksonville, FL when I went to go visit my family in January 2011.  I am wearing Hanes Sheer Elegance hose in the Barely There color with Ellen Tracy two and a half inch snakeskin shoes (sisssssss....) LOL!  To top the look off, I had a brown and creme clutch to add even more of a vintage appeal.  Oh yeah, I got my hair straightened (not with chemicals) and layered too. 

You like?  :)

Mint Message:

Opt for a different sheath dress color other than black.  Play around with a furry jacket to glam up your look even more and feel free to go bare legged with a nice pair of heels!  Clutches can fem up any outfit.  So go find an excuse to get glammed up!  :)

Fashionably yours - Shellena


  1. Great look! The dress is super chic, and the jacket is totally fun! What an awesome mix!

    VPV Intern

  2. Loving the fur and clutch!


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  4. I love that statement clutch! :)

  5. Following you with pleasure:)

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