Thursday, February 3, 2011

Color Your Lids!!!

When is the last time you played with a little color on your eyes?!! Well, you don't know what you're missing darling!! :) Adding color eye shadows can brighten your eyes, skin, and wardrobe! And the awesome thing is, you have millions of colors to choose from and just as many brands.

First, you want to discover which colors look fab on you! If you’re not sure what shades compliment your skin, the easiest and safest way, is by going to your favorite cosmetic beauty counter and ask them! :) When I first started applying color eye shadow, I lived at the M.A.C counter, LOL! Even if I was just asking questions and testing products, it gave me an opportunity to learn what colors looked great on me, observe different techniques the artists used on others, and inspired me to try new looks. A hint of color can be fun, flirty, romantic, sexy or bold! You would be surprised how much color can add flavor to your look and at the same time, give your face an extra Pizzazz (for those who remember Jem)! So next time you are at the mall, check out some colors you like and try them on! I bet by the time you’re finished, you'll be inspired to come back for more..... Enjoy!

Mint Message:

You don't have to match your eye shadow with your outfit. Play with different colors and try coordinating your color(s) with your shoes, jewelry, purse, nails or with nothing at all! As long as the color(s) you choose compliment the colors in your look (and your skin), you're good to go!! The key is, have fun with it!

Fashionably yours - Chandra


  1. I've always wanted to get better with eyeshadow application and wear more daring colors! great post!

  2. love love love the colors..I am a junkie for eye shadows need the 88 color palette


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