Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pearls Can Be a Girl’s Close Friend

Regal Rihanna
Pearls are so timeless and are appealing to the young and old.  One of the hottest styles today is to wear multiple strands of pearls.  To take your look from modest to dramatic, try to layer on the pearls.  This will liven up your outfit and take it to another level.  For instance, if you wear a simple black sheath dress, you can layer up the pearls to embellish your style.
Mix and match different pearl sizes while staying with the same pearl color to create the best style effect.  Keep in mind that multiple strand of pearls can worn for a day or evening look.  They are best worn with simple crew, boat neck or V-necklines, but you can layer them playfully in an unbuttoned neckline of a blouse, shirt dress or shirt. 
As you already know, white is not the only color option for freshwater pearls.  They come in beautiful pastel colors from pink to peach to lavender.  Wear multi strand pastel freshwater pearls in multiple colors with a large clasp with your summer evening wear.  A single strand of pink or peach pearls would be very chic to wear with a hot pink or peach swimsuit.  You can wear various colors of long string pearls to create a bohemian elegance.
Mint Message:
Try pearl bracelets instead of necklaces, or just wear pearl earrings.
Whether you are a woman of mature elegance or of abundant youth, pearls must be included in your collection of accessories to create a classic or modern edge.
Fashionably yours - Shellena

Lively in Layers

Jackie Kennedy

Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor with pearl earrings

Lena Horne

Dorthy Dandridge with pearl earrings

Dorothy Dandridge

Marilyn Monroe

Single pearl bracelet

Fabuolous in layered pearl bracelets

Chunky pearl bracelet


  1. gotta love some classic pearls! everyone should own some! love the pics!

  2. uuh! i love pearls. i have like tons of them ! :D
    like your blog a lot...!

  3. I love when I'm just in a t-shirt and jeans to dress it up with some pearl stud earings!

  4. here you are ! your 12th reader ! :D

  5. love pearls!!
    cool pics, i follow you ;)

  6. i'm not a big fan of pearls, but i have to admit they look very classy on the right person :)


  7. I like pearls but pearl necklaces never seem to look right on me. Lovely photos in this post though :)

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