Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Fly or Spanish Fly?

Seville is the most artistic and cultural city in southern Spain.  The city is positioned right along the plain of the Guadalquivir River.  Surprisingly with this being a smaller city in Spain, the fashion there was not plain at all…it was down right AMAZING!!!
Craig and & I took a trip there in November 2010.  On our way to a museum called “Bellas Artes” in the rain, we passed a clothing store along a cobblestone road only to find a fashion forward boutique!  When I went inside I was amazed to see each section of the rack color coded with various garments of all types and styles.  There were purses above the garment racks.  One in particular caught my eye since I was in the search of a neutral colored bag to go with anything.
Every time I attempted to look for a purse in a neutral color palette, the style or color never motivated me to buy one…until that day!  I noticed that this purse had a different flair with its crocodile print.  It could be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or clutch.  My fashion sixth sense reared its head and I knew that I had to have it.  Also, the price was right at 29 Euros or roughly 40 US dollars (with no sales tax)!  The sales clerk saw me clutching the purse so tightly in the store, since it was the last of that particular color.  She finally came over and asked if she could hold it behind the counter for me so that I could continue to shop in comfort - LOL!! 

What do you think...Super Fly…or should I say Spanish Fly!?! 

Mint Message:

You can get the same look by rocking a large hobo, tote, satchel or clutch purse!  Neutral colors can consist of creams, browns, tans, and even greens!  So go out and get "Minty!" :)

Fashionably yours - Shellena
Shoulder Bag



Sunday, January 30, 2011

Flavor of the Week - January 30, 2011

These suede ankle boots with flower waterfall appliques were fashionably worn by Princess Morris.  They were too CUTE to go unnoticed and were too "Minty" not to acknowledge as a Flavor of the Week photo.

She showcased that one can be fashionable in peek-a-boo shoes in the winter!!!

If you are setting "Minty" fashionable trends with your total look, clothing, shoes, nails, hair, make-up, or accessories, please email us your photo and we will consider for any future "Flavor of the Week" posts.

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Cat in the Crochet Hat

Crocheting is a beautiful artwork that is created with a hook using thread or yarn. With it you can make gorgeous decorations, blankets, clothing, and even HATS! Crocheting remains a popular trend today, but no one seems to know where and when it originated.
To learn the art requires patience and hand coordination – both of which I do not have. L However, I do know someone that does and it’s my mom.  OH how I wish I had her talent!
Her collection of 5 handmade crocheted hats are sure to keep heads turning and keep you warm too!!  Crochet hats can enhance your features and help you to express your unique beauty and fashion sense.  Not only can you wear a crochet hat in the winter to protect you from arctic like conditions, but you can also wear it in the summer to protect your head along with staying trendy!
These hats can be worn with any vintage or traditional garment (including jeans) to add more of a retro style.  Two of the hats include a crochet scarf made by my mom as well.
To jazz up your look even more, look to make a style statement by matching the color of your crotchet hat with your accessories, shirts, shorts, skirts, or pants.
Crochet hats are so hard to find in stores, especially these one of a kind & timeless styles that my mom has handmade, which are truly unique & chic!
If you are interested in purchasing any one of the items below, please contact us at*  Once the email has been received, request for your payment will be submitted through PayPal.  There is only one quantity for each style.  Buy quickly to ensure your best chances to receive!
Fashionably yours – Shellena
*No returns allowed.  International shipping can be subject to additional fees.

Black crochet hat with trendy fuzz band around
the hat & matching scarf
One Size Fits All
$19.99USD + $5.00 Shipping & Handling*

Teal beanie crochet hat with silver brooch accent
One Size Fits All
$14.99USD + $5.00 Shipping & Handling*
Olive green crochet hat with green brooch accent
One Size Fits All
$19.99USD + $5.00 Shipping & Handling*
Light gray crochet hat with black bow
One Size Fits All
$19.99USD + $5.00 Shipping & Handling*

Red beanie crochet hat with matching scarf
One Size Fits All
$19.99USD + $5.00 Shipping & Handling*

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let Your Legs Do the Talking!!

Colorful chunky scarf, check! Fly pair of abstract hoop earrings, check! Sick pair of retro pumps, flirty flats or funky knee high boots, double check!! But did you know that your legs can also be an accessory during these long cold months? Legs are not only smokin' during the spring and summer when you're showing off your sun kissed beauties in a pair of chic high waisted shorts or a sexy mini, but they can also be fashionable in the fall and winter when leggings and tights effortlessly take your chilly wardrobe to another level!

So what's the difference between leggings and tights? Well leggings and tights are actually very similar styles of clothing and both can be worn under another article of clothing such as a dress, skirt, shorts, suit, or even jeans. The main difference between the two is that leggings are usually made of a thicker material and they can also be worn as a pant. Both give your legs extra protection from the cold, except leggings tend to be a lot more comfortable than tights. But the best part is.... they're just so darn cute!!

The two great things about leggings and tights are: 1) you can wear them with everything!! From a business suit to casual wear, you can play up your style by wearing a simple fitted sweater dress and pair of design heavy tights (like my picture above) or rock a cute baby-T with your favorite leggings. 2) Leggings and tights look great on any size!! They have a way of sucking everything in and making your legs look toned and oh so sexy, especially with a 3 inch plus heel! Check out a few examples of ways to accessorize your legs that I thought were super "Minty!" And if you haven’t already, go out and give your legs a makeover! J

Mint Message:

If you’re going to wear your leggings as a pant, it is important to be conscious of your upper body frame and make sure you’re wearing tops that flatter your shape and do not take away from it. After I had my son, leggings were my favorite item!! They made my legs look amazing and even with a little unwanted weight around my mid area; I was able to wear stylish, looser fitting tops that fell a few inches below my butt and still look FABULOUS!! J

Fashionably yours - Chandra
DKNY Stirrup Legging

Urban Chic

The Fly Professional

Simply sleek

Casual Edge

Neutral Knock-out
Rocker's delight

Bold in Black

Color Me Bad

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Fascination with Gray

Once upon a time I considered gray as a color of mourning or formality, but now it has been properly labeled as the new BLACK!!! 
Even though it is a cool and conservative color, it still manages to add that pinch of pop to an outfit, stirring up a strong emotion of color in its own way.  Similar to black, a dark or charcoal gray conveys strength and mystery, except it does not portray the negative characteristics of black.
Mint Message:
Lighter grays are similar to white. All shades of gray can be good or neutral background colors. Use lighter grays instead of white and darker grays instead of black.
Wear light grays with various shades of pastel colors such as pink, blue, lavender, and green to add a touch of femininity. Also, add gray with hot pink in order to add a little flavor of retro style. You can even cool down a warm color palette by adding gray to rich reds or yellows.
You do not solely have to wear gray by means of your garments. On the contrary, you can wear the color on your finger nails in a charming manner.
Don’t believe me?  Well, while chatting with a co-worker during lunch, I noticed her nail polish almost immediately.  It was a lighter shade of gray by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Color in Wet Cement.  She rocked it beautifully with mainly black articles of clothing and accessories.  She looked so ADORABLE!  Notice how very striking her gray nails look against the blue table...

I had to share a photo of her nails with you to advocate and inspire a new trend - that gray nails can be everything but BORING!!!
Fashionably yours - Shellena

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our 2011 Stylish Blogger Award

We would like to thank Nesting Newbies for this gracious award!!! 

Who would have thought that we would have received such a generous award, especially since our blog site just launched on Sunday, January 23, 2011 !?!?!

Again, thank you so much!

Fashionably yours - Chandra & Shellena

Nesting Newbies: We'd like to thank the academy....: "We are so thankful to have been chosen to win the Stylish blogger Award by Robin at Our Semi Organic Life! Thank you so much Robin!&..."

Sunday, January 23, 2011

They Are About Knee High..

It’s been a very cold winter here in Atlanta lately, but one of my cute and most comfortable tall boots helps me to endure through these arctic like conditions.  These casual, flat pair of tall boots are the most versatile that I’ve ever owned.  I bought them in Barcelona, Spain.  They are not real leather, but were too cute and economical to pass up!
So what’s the history on this boot style?  Some call them tall boots, but I’m really referring to the knee high ones.  You may have heard people say in the past that these are boots that only erotic dancers would wear…well, even at one time I considered them to be very distasteful; however, times have changed!!  These boots can now be worn in a very classy, chic, sophisticated, and retro way.

Consider wearing them with skinny jeans, mid-length skirts, and shirt dresses with leggings like I have on.  If the skirt or short dress covers your knees, feel free to go barelegged.  I even want to attempt to wear them with shorts and a pair of sweater tights for the winter. 

Mint Message:
You can wear brown boots with black leggings and any color shirt!!

Check out some other ways they are worn on the runway to incorporate in your everyday wear!
Fashionably yours - Shellena

Mint Fashion Bio & Greetings!

Fashion Aspiration
We are originally from Jacksonville, FL and have been admired by many family members, friends, and strangers for our sense of style since junior high school to the present; so we’ve decided to blog our personal style inspirations and communicate valuable trends that we’ve come to appreciate over the years.  Fashion is a sixth sense for us and may/can be for you as well.
We can’t wait to share our “mint taste” with you!  Hence the reason why we named our blog site Mint à la Mode, which is translated to mean “Fresh in Fashion.” 
Welcome to our site!  Please check back frequently to get a showcase on all of our takes on "fresh flavors" of style.  We will include mint messages that are fashion tips and a fashion quote that we refer to as a Maxim Mode or “Saying fashion” stated by us or a designer.  The Flavor the Week will also be something to look forward to since it will be considered the biggest fashion hooray that we’ve been inspired by.
So y’all come back, ya hear!  J 
About Chandra
I believe that your sense of style is your voice, your individualism, your mood all in one. Fashion can be very loud and bold or quietly chic. I love fashion because it never judges me, always allows me to be true to myself and has served as a main source of liberation and expression throughout my life.
I would describe my sense of style as “Crazy, sexy, cool” - LOL! It is forever changing and depending on my mood, can go far left or right within a blink. My sign is Sagittarius, so I move through life with passion and authenticity. With that being said, my fashion reflects “ME” from head to toe. I’m not afraid to try new things and I love to reinvent myself. There aren’t many trends that I haven’t tried at least once. I also love, love, love color!!!  The key is finding the colors that work best for you!
I am moved by many aspects of life when it comes to my fashion. That includes nature, love, paintings (especially art by Salvador Dali), music, culture and dreams. I’m very visual and appreciate movies with lots of color and texture like Mahogany, Carmen Jones, Chicago, Kill Bill, Alice in Wonderland, Sex and the City and The Wiz. I also admire trendsetters like Gwen Stefani, Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Grace Jones. 
About Shellena
Fashion to me can be defined as “an artistic vigor.”  My fashion sense is a cross between vintage/retro blended with everyday wear and contemporary style.  I like clothing that can be effortlessly combined, for example, coupling a designer garment with a great consignment store find.  My number one fetish consists of shoes of which I own over 70 pairs!
I am happily married to Craig and fondly take on the role as his personal fashion stylist/assistant.
My fashion admiration has been a learned behavior from my mom.  She would apply her make up daily, ensure the upkeep of her hair, wear perfume, and rock the most fashionable outfit & shoes!!!  It helped me to see that fashion has no age.  When attending junior and senior high school, my fellow classmates would always ask, “Where did you get that outfit from?”  My response was consistently, “Oh, my mom made it!”  She made me & my sister’s clothes 99% of the time.  If we saw an outfit that we adored at a store or on someone, my mom would always say, “I can make that.  Let’s go to the fabric store to check out patterns and fabric.”  We would spend 3-4 hours in a fabric store as she reviewed notions, remnants, fabric, and patterns. She treasured those moments of looking through a Vogue pattern book - LOL!
I’m inspired by classic movie film stars such as Lana Turner, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.  These women were classy once upon a time. I can’t help but to be inspired by them – they were classic trendsetters.  During that time period, women truly dressed like LADIES!!  Furthermore, I respect the artistic vigor portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Kerry Washington, Nia Long, Zoe Kravitz, Keisha Knight Pulliam and more!!
European fashion intrigues me.  Women in Europe are not afraid to be daring with style.  They try new things that are subtle, but still manage to stand out naturally.  I try to mix and match European fashion with other traditional styles as much as I can!
Fashionably yours - Chandra & Shellena

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