Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bye Bye Winter...

Hello everyone!!!  Thank you all so much for your sweet comments thus far and for supporting my blog.  More great posts to come!

Here's my last ode to Winter!  I got this dress at a little boutique in Barcelona, it!  It's a wool dress with studs around the flowers on the front.  Ultra comfortable too!

I am so ready for the 75+ degree weather.

What do you think about the look?  Also, what is your favorite winter past time?

Dress:  Sophyline; Tights:  HUE; Shoes:  BCBG

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Gel for Your Nails

I love a great mani & pedi, especially when my husband treats me to a day at the nail salon!!  :)  During the spring & summer I go faithfully to the nail salon every two weeks.  In the fall & winter I typically go once a month. 
Since I can be a traditional type of girl with my nails, I typically enjoy only clear nail polish on my hands; however, I don’t mind color or designs on my toes.  Weird huh?  :)
Well, clear nails are less maintenance since my nail polish typically chips away the very next day because of the natural oils that my nail bed produces, hence the reason why I skip the colored nail polish on my hands.   
I’m very fortunate to be really cool with the owners of a nail salon that recently opened in my area called Nail Spa, 4805 Lawrenceville Hwy, Ste 240, Lilburn, GA  30047.  The owner & his staff typically joke around with me while ensuring that they provide me with quality service, which includes a back rub and a fabulous experience with the spa pedi chair.  The light in the tub of the spa chair actually turns different colors - pretty cool! 
One day after shooting the breeze with the girlfriend of the owner, she informed me that they had a new manicure process called “Gel Nails!”  Ok, so I bet some of you are wondering what the heck are gel nails?  Well, the process is similar to a standard manicure, except the nail tech applies a coat of gel polish to your nails with 30 seconds of drying time under a UV light.  Next, a second coat of the gel polish is applied and then you repeat the drying time.  Apparently the safe chemicals in the gel polish keeps your nails dry, thus allowing your polish to stay on longer. The best advantage of gel nails are that they look just like natural nails.  They are thin and flexible, with a glossy finish.  My nail salon has up to 15+ colors currently available.
The next question that you may have is, how long does the gel polish really last?  Surprisingly, it can last up to two weeks or a little more depending upon your routine. 
So, if you are going on vacation, getting married, or are the type of person that likes to have impeccable nails, gel nails are for you!  My nail salon charges $15 above the standard manicure price.

Check out my cool gel nails above (a week old and still looks new!). 
Fashionably yours - Shellena

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wedged Out

I so HEART wedges!!!!  Check out the latest neutral lovelies that have been added to my closet.  Got these on clearance - many thanks to my good friend, Candace, for eyeing them for me at the Aldo store in Jensen Beach, Florida!  :)

Do you like?

Shoes:  Aldo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fashionable Fun in the Sun

Have some fun in the sun while still remaining fashionably chic this season!  We all know that Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner.  Many of us are dieting and/or exercising so that we can look ultra FAB and get everything tight and right for a day at the beach or pool while wearing a cute swimsuit!!!

I'm trying do cardio 3 days a week and knock out 400 crunches 5 days a week to get my tummy together because I want to look extra right in my swimsuit.  :) 

I was inspired by Jessica White's Sports Illustrated photo (above).  Isn't she GORGEOUS?!  She looked so beautiful and fashionable in her 2 piece.  She choose a suit that was flattering for her body type.  It inspired me to want to find the right swimsuit for my figure.  Also, I gained additional inspiration from Luli Fama's 2011 swimwear collection.  She embraced the power of busy colorful prints from animal to floral with a tribal touch the theme created a variety of beautiful swimwear pieces.

So what swimsuit can flatter your figure?  Remember that there are no perfect bodies.  Even the women that you think have the perfect body would tell you that that they would love to change something about their figure.  I remember reading an article that featured Halle Berry and she even stated that she is not content with her body type.  We all may think, "What - Halle Berry is absolutely gorgeous and well proportioned.  Why would she say such a thing?"  Again, this reinforces the fact that no one's body is perfect...

This should not shake your can and will find the right, fashion forward swimsuit for you!

Curveless Body Type
If you have an athletic body or are built straight up and down, you have a lot of choices to choose from!  Find swimsuits that have embellishments, ruffles, or belts that help to accentuate your waist which will turn your figure into a shapely one.

Luli Fema
Pear Shaped Body Type
If you are heavier on the bottom, opt for a top that is lighter than the color of your bottom.  Find halters and scooped bottoms.

Luli Fema
Luli Fema
Luli Fema
Luli Fema
Top Heavy Body Type
If you are busty, wear boy shorts, a high-cut leg, or bottom that is colorful to detract from your bustline.  Ensure that your top has padding & an underwire for extra support.  Halters are also a great top choice.

Plus Size Body Type
There are many stylish choices for you!  Do not cover yourself up or look matronly since high cut bottoms can be so appealing.  Look for the ruched styles and avoid horizontal stripes on your waist.  Know that the more skin that you show, the more thinner you look.  Purchase a one-piece black swimsuit as a staple item. 

Go out and enjoy some fashionable fun in the sun as the weather permits!  :)

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mint Focus: Giff Constable for Aprizi

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
I originally grew up in Washington D.C. and jumped into the world of tech startups after I graduated from Princeton years ago. I never looked back. I’ve also been an artist (a painter) and have always been interested in great design in all its forms. Liz, my co-founder at Aprizi, is from Sydney, Australia, and has a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon. She’s been a dress-maker, but honestly Aprizi keeps us so busy we don’t have too much time for extra hobbies right now!

2. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is the fascinating merging of self-expression, craftmanship, and art.  And I admit it also represents the perpetual frustration that I don’t have a bigger wallet!  With my own curation on Aprizi (, I focus more on accessories and homeware, and let our team of amazing women from all over the country handle the apparel side of things.

3. How would you define your city's fashion?
New York has so many fashion subcultures it is cannot be pinned down. This time of year, you see black black black. I can’t wait for spring when outfits come back to life with color.

4. Can you please tell us what is Aprizi and what is it that you guys do?
Aprizi started because Liz Crawford and I were frustrated that it was so hard to discover brilliant *smaller* designers, brands and artisans on the Web.  We felt like the search engines pushed the big brands and failed to make for an effective and fun experience.  So we started building what we call a “Pandora for shopping” which aggregates wonderful independent design and fashion from around the Web, and tries to personalize for your tastes.  We want to have an experience that feels like you are walking through the coolest part of town, discovering awesome boutiques and fascinating new products. We are still a young site so lots to improve, and we will soon be opening up a small e-commerce arm of our own.

5. What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture? How did the idea for your business come about?
We wanted to support the incredible community of independent and emerging designers, brands and artisans out there.  It’s not that we don’t have items from big brands in our closets, but frankly it is more satisfying and more fun to discover that incredible find, that unique item, and that meaningful story.

6. Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?
We want to build the connecting technology that brings together shoppers and independent designers. A simple statement and a massive challenge. To do so, we feel that we need to make discovery both fun and personalized.

7. What are some of your favorite designers?
You can actually see my personal Aprizi favorites here: (any Aprizi user can opt-in to share their “likes”).  But I might hightlight Mara Hoffman’s swimsuits this season, Amanda Pearl’s clutches, Dannijo’s jewelry, Irregular Expressions’ (a Turkish designer selling on Etsy) stunning textile jewelry, and any of the designers featured by the Australian lighting boutique Tongue and Groove.

8. Where can readers go to shop for items?
Browse Aprizi and see where it takes you!

Thanks for taking out your time to do this interview Giff! 

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling So Fly Like a G6...

I felt like playing around with a funky and classic look for work on Friday so I paired my Friday's Project Jeans and a Mango burnt orange neck tied blouse with my Ellen Tracy snakeskin shoes (sisssssssssss....) LOL!!  I got both the jeans and blouse from Barcelona, Spain.

The total look was kind of rockerish mixed with retro.

Loved it!!!  Hope you do too.  :)

Mint Message:

Add a classic blouse with any demin to create this same look.  Wearing pumps, wedges, platforms, or flirty flats will make your look complete!

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Blouse:  Mango; Jeans:  Friday's Project;
Shoes:  Ellen Tracy

Monday, March 14, 2011

Chic Treasures from an Era Long Ago

I am so inspired by vintage jewelry since most are one of a kind.  Even though there can be some special unsigned pieces, one can be enthused to create captivating fashion statements with vintage jewelry!

Check out some items that I purchased off of eBay recently.  Aren't they cute?  I can't wait to wear them!!!  I'm really getting into copper lately - such a beautiful metal!  It will spruce up any garment since the cinnamon color will be in for the Spring!!!

The lot of 9 vintage pieces includes signed copper earrings from the Renoir, Matisse lines.  These pieces date back to the 1940s and 1950s.  Also, included were 3 cuff bracelets, 1 Elizabeth II bracelet, a matching set of cuff necklace, bracelet and earrings, and an enamel copper ring signed Austria.

The next photo showcases a rose belt buckle of which I am going to have my mother create one of her fabulous masterpieces.  I will share the finished product once she's done.  In addition, I have another cuff, pair of earrings, and a chain necklace.  

I got all of these pieces for $68.99 (includes shipping)!  What a steal, huh?

I will rock a lot of these pieces with my garments on future posts.  So y'all come back to check them out - ok!?!?!  :)

Mint Message:

You can always find better bargains for vintage jewelry on online bidding sites.  Wear your vintage jewelry with modern or traditional clothing.  Vintage jewelry pieces can go with a variety of trends or just create your own fashion uniqueness!

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mint Focus: Sonja Blume for California Chic and Sexy Jewelry

1. Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?
I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, a wonderfully vibrant city.  I received my BA from the University of California at Santa Barbara (USCB), where I majored in Dramatic Arts, French, and minored in Ethical Philosophy, spending a year studying Philosophy and Art in Paris France at the Sorbonne.  I’ve also always been a huge believer in Service, helping others who haven’t had the opportunities I have had, so, after graduating, I spent two years as an AmeriCorps VISTA, which is the domestic version of the Peace Corps.  I was placed at a middle school in Crenshaw California where I served as a College Advisor and created a Community College Center, showing kids that higher education is accessible and that they can do and be whoever they want.  My time serving as a VISTA was both extremely challenging and overwhelming rewarding; I bonded with my students in extraordinary ways, experiencing for the first time in my life what it really is like to be economically poor. The ideals I learned from these children about sacrifice and hope are a big part of the person I am today and continually affect me in my art.  Right now I am finishing up my MFA (Master’s in Fine Arts) at Northwestern University in Screenwriting and Playwriting, which is what I hope to do with the rest of my life (besides for making jewelry, of course!).
2. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is… whatever you want it to be.  It’s the inherent knowledge of one’s body and the ability to dress that body in the most flattering way, regardless of size.  I always say, I don’t care about the size of my clothes, but rather how they fit. I also have this really love/hate relationship with trends, which really are such a big part of the fashion industry.  I’m always interested in knowing what’s current and “in” because it plays such a big part in consumer mindset, but I don’t like to look like I’m a template for the current season.  When people go into a store and see summer clothes in oranges and pinks, that influences the rest of their style consciousness, so as a designer it’s important to be aware of these trends without sacrificing artistic integrity.  I think I personally always stay true to my own likes (I will NEVER think Cardigans are out of style; they’re too comfortable!), while at the same time adding to my wardrobe new “trendy” items that I think can be turned into timeless pieces.  My favorite pieces of clothing that I collect are Emilio Pucci dresses, a perfect example of something that’s both trendy and timeless.
3. How would you define your city's fashion?
LA is a VERY laid back city, a jeans and t-shirt kind of town, which is, I think, very influenced by the beach. When I moved to Chicago, every hairdresser I went to tried to convince me to cut my very long curly hair, but I refused because it’s such a reflection of my inner California Girl, a little bohemian, but also very sexy and glamorous.  Hollywood is also a very big influence on Los Angeles fashion; everything is about seeing and being seen.  Lots of gold and silver, jewels and bright, hot colors.  And super high shoes with short short dresses.  We’re not New York, Paris, or Milan, but that’s ok, because when we’re not working, we’re out at the organic farmer’s market, or surfing at the beach, or going to a special screening of some new film.
4. When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion jewelry designer?
I’ve been making jewelry since I was about 8-years old.  Of course, my designs and technique have matured since then, but for the longest time I only made pieces for myself and my girlfriends.  Many of those fabulous friends had been pushing me to sell my designs, but I never seemed to have the time.  Finally in the Fall of 2009, I opened up an Etsy shop, but because of my studies, never actually listed anything.  In January 2010, I became very ill, and finally decided that I needed to start my jewelry line, even if just a distraction from everything else going on in my life.  It’s sad that being sick is what finally pushed me to begin, but I couldn’t be happier with the way things have gone.
5. What do you love most about designing and creating your own jewelry?
I LOVE jewels.  Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies…. The list goes on and on.  I remember as a child window-shopping with my parents on Rodeo drive every Sunday, and I would always stop in front of Tiffany’s and Chopard to stare at the jewels.  There’s something so intriguing about the way they shine, I don’t think that childhood interest has ever left me.  It’s just so much FUN to mix different stones and metals, to create something with my hands that I can wear.  It’s everyday art.
6. What are some of your favorite materials to work with and create with?
If you’ve ever looked at my shop, you’ll see that I am a huge fan of turquoise.  I’m a child of the Southwest, and there’s a mysterious quality to these aqua blue stones.  I’ve also really grown fond of gold.  I went through a period as a teenager where I would only wear sterling silver jewelry, but I think that as you get older, there’s almost a regal appeal to gold, something reminiscent of Cleopatra and dynasties past.  I also love amethyst and rock crystal.  I could go on and on…
7. How did you get your start in jewelry designing and what have you learned over the course of being a designer?
I’ve really learned that it’s important to take risks, matching stones and metals that may not at first seem aesthetically pleasing.  There’s something very refreshing in taking risks, always pushing you to discover new things.  And there will inevitably be someone out there who likes these different looks as much as you do.  If anything, it makes you more individual.
8. If you could sum up your look and aesthetic in three words, what would they be and why?
Chic: I lived in Paris for a year, which really helped to define my style. Parisian women always look so put together and there’s a very innate sexuality in that.  It’s a sort of confidence without regret.
Highbrow/lowbrow: I am a handbag whore.  When I visited Milan (both times), I HAD to go to the original Prada store (yes, I saw DaVinci’s “Last Supper” too).  Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Pucci… the list goes on and on. So no matter how cheap my cotton t-shirt or jeans, I always wear a nice bag.
Comfortable: I hate being uncomfortable in clothes.  Anything that restricts my ability to walk, or sit, or whatever is a no go.  I think that all women should feel beautiful for who they are not what they wear, and if it doesn’t feel good, then it can’t possibly look that great either.
9. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?
I think my biggest accomplishment to date is bringing in repeat customers.  I pay close attention to detail and want my buyers to have confidence in their products; having customers return for more is the surest sign that I am doing my job to the best of my ability.
10. Where can readers buy your jewelry?
Readers can buy my jewelry via my webpage on ETSY:  I’m always excited for custom orders, so if you see something you like but want it in a different color, shape, or size, or if you want to work on a completely custom piece, I’m always up for the challenge.
11. How long have you worked as a designer?
I think I’ve always been designing in some way or another, but I’ve been selling my designs since January 2010.

Also, the code you can give your readers to use for the 15% discount on my site is: MINTALAMODE15, which is valid until April 11, 2011.  They can redeem the coupon on any purchase placed on my Etsy webpage @  I also have a facebook page that they can "like" to always receive at least 5% OFF of any purchase:!/pages/California-Chic-and-Sexy-Jewelry/141641012560623.
Thanks for taking out your time to do this interview Sonja! 

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Monday, March 7, 2011

You Fancy HUH?!

Dress:  Zara; Blouse: Chaus (vintage);
Shoes:  BCBG; Hose:  Hanes;
Jewelry:  Unsigned

I am not the type of girl who picks out her clothes the night before she goes to work.  I just wake up and see how I'm feeling and then I proceed to pick out a good outfit accordingly.  Well, on this particular day, I decided to wear something really classic and effortless. 

Since it was still a little cold outside, I decided to couple a vintage silk red blouse that I got from The Clothing Warehouse in Jacksonville, FL for about $12 with a Zara flounced sleeveless dress that I got from Barcelona, Spain and BCBG burgundy quilted pumps.  Fancy huh?  :)

I received several compliments on this pairing at work and while I was out and about.  I felt very classy and girly!  :)

Mint Message:

Couple a sleeveless dress with a long sleeved blouse to present a classic flavor.  Throw on a pair of pumps, pearl earrings and add a clutch to polish off the look!

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lovely in Lace

Lace dresses and lace skirts are in for the Spring!  Who would've ever thought that this would be?

However, it's an extension of the sheer trend and there are so many types of lace to choose from stretch, allover, and antique styles.

You can wear lace styles either girly or elegantly.  Dare to wear slips underneath.

So go out and get girly!!!  :)

Fashionably yours - Shellena

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chandra's Sweetest Goodbye

It is with mixed emotions that I must inform you all of my difficult choice to discontinue blogging. After launching our site a month and a half ago,  it has not been an easy choice, but I believe it is the right decision for me at this time.
My successor, Shellena, will continue the site as the sole blogger.
I have truly enjoyed sharing my personal style and fashion insight with you all! Thank you to all our followers, family and friends for your belief and support in this venture, which is a sincere passion for us both! :) Stay "Fresh in Fashion" and  I hope to return to blogging soon. Xoxo
Much love and fashionably yours - Chandra

"I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”
Coco Chanel

Mint Focus: Liz Spencer for Aiguille et fil

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests?

My name is Liz Spencer and I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I have moved all over the US throughout my life and really love the beautiful surroundings and progressive minded people of the Pacific Northwest. I've also spent considerable time in Portland, OR and went to a small liberal arts college in the Yamhill Valley of Oregon. I've worked professionally as a designer and typesetter for a family owned Letterpress and hand paper making business in Portland and now work part time as a seamstress in a tailor's shop in Seattle but have been designing and sewing my own line of clothing part time for the past 3 years. I hope to design full-time soon and perhaps go to fashion school. I am self taught and would love to take my technical abilities to the next level.

What does fashion mean to you?

To me fashion should mean more than just runways and glamour. Just as many of the consumption choices that we make daily such as whether to drive or bike, eat organic, local or vegetarian perhaps I think that the types of clothing that we buy should reflect these contemplations too. Fashion is a way to explore identity through physical and expressional means as well as through ethical and environmental means.

How would you define your city's fashion?

Seattle fashion is diverse. There are hipsters on Capitol Hill as well as business professionals downtown. Generally I also see lots of active wear and outdoor apparel. We have a rich natural environment surrounding us, and many people are regularly active and outside (despite the rain!). I can see why Kurt Cobain decided to dawn a flannel shirt and launch the grunge scene as they were probably quite plentiful in local thrift shops.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I realized I wanted to be a fashion designer when I found myself eager to get home from my day job and sew into the night. I feel at ease while sewing.

What do you love most about designing and creating your own clothing?

I love challenging myself and the process from conception or theme to the fruition of a cohesive line of clothing. I love that things change while I sew and that i don't have to always follow through with my original design. I embrace happy mistakes and changes during the process.

What are some of your favorite materials to work with and create with?

My favorite materials include natural fabrics that are hand dyed and/or organic. I also like working with vintage embellishments, buttons, lace, zippers, and vintage printed natural fabrics.

How did you get your start in fashion designing and what have you learned over the course of being a designer?

I began sewing when I was interning for a Portland area fiber artist. I told her I could sew (even though my sewing experience was extremely limited to alterations performed in my grandmother's sewing machine) and she gave me a project of making these nude tulle ball gowns. I enjoyed teaching myself how to do everything from cutting to sewing to finishing and fit. Since then I've been doing everything myself and have refined my design and pattern making skills. I've learned that I will always need more time than I think when I sit down in my studio.

If you could sum up your look and aesthetic in three words, what would they be and why?

Geometric:  I have an affinity for graphic print and creating composition through lines and angles. Colorful:  I love to juxtapose vivid colors and experiment with broad color palettes. Fun: My designs are never too serious or restraining. I make sure that my garments are utilitarian by incorporating pockets, ensuring ease of fit and using comfortable, strong and natural fabrics, but my designs also still maintain femininity in subtle ways.

What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

I've shown in a fashion show alongside the most recent winner of Project Runway, Gretchen Jones and participant Janeane Marie Ceccanti. I love both of their aesthetics as well as the diversity of fashion looks coming from Portland, Oregon. I've also completed all of my clothing lines while working part to full-time day jobs. I have no formal training and have taught myself everything I know. You can see my past work on my blog

Where can readers buy your clothes?

You can buy my clothes on Etsy:

How long have you worked as a designer and what is the meaning behind the name of your brand?

I've been designing for three and a half years.  Aiguille et fil is significant because I make everything by hand using needle and thread.  I speak French and have lived there during my college years.

Liz has been so gracious to pass along a 10% savings to our fashionable followers for orders placed on her Etsy webstore using the promo code 'Bauhaus Textiles' which will expire on April 30, 2011.  Happy shopping!

Thanks for taking out your time to do this interview Liz! 

Fashionably yours - Shellena

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