Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Lessons from Lanvin

 Alber Elbaz (on the left) is an Israeli designer for Lanvin and he's a pure fashion genius!  He's one of my favorite designers and I am so inspired by his beautiful & classic fashion sense. He designs effortlessly for a woman's body.  Yes, Lanvin is a very expensive line, but I thought that you all would enjoy these lessons advertised in the March 2011 InStyle magazine that I received the other day.  This article was written by Hal Rubenstein.

Here are some snippets from the article "The Look - Lessons from Lanvin":

1.  Wear the type of clothes that let you be who you really are
Women are powerful; their strength is internal.  They need a wardrobe that lets them be themselves instead of who some designer thinks they should be.  That's why there is a return to practical clothes...In reality, though, very few people live that glamorous life...so there must also be outfits for the office, for home, and for play.

2.  Choose comfortable fits
A woman can move freely in her clothes instead of being trapped in them.

3.  Take a high-fashion approach to lower-priced clothing
It's more about maintaining an attitude about style than spending a lot of cash.  Wait for the piece that satisfies you instead of searching for a bargain.

4.  Trust the mirror
...the mirror never lies.  Stop long enough to look in it and it will reveal what's right for you.  It's a subtle but important point.  If you're shopping and like how you look in a hot-pink outfit, enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the desire to buy it.  Trust your intuition, not someone else's standards.

5.  Buy shoes to walk in
For my spring 2011 collection, I had designed all these incredibly high shoes.  I wanted the models to stride down the runway with real power.  But when one after the other stumbled, I could see fear on their faces.  So I told them to wear flats.  And all of a sudden, everything looked right.  Bodies moved with assurance and strength, the clothes became even more fluid, and the women looked more sensual than ever because they felt at ease.

6.  Respect your age
Nothing is more appealing than someone who embraces her maturity.  What really turns me on is a woman who respects change and the passage of time.  So please, never look back.

7.  Find your colors
Clothes should match a woman's presence - her figure and clothing - and when you discover a shade that works well for you, wear it!  The right color gives you power, no matter what it is.

8.  Be selective, not impulsive
The biggest mistake women can make in fashion today is to get caught up in the idea that they need a new wardrobe for each season.  Before you jump in and buy, buy, buy, consider what you need.  Maybe it's a classic bag that will last you forever.  You need time to live with clothes or a new accessory to truly appreciate it for what it is.  If you want to bring newness to anything, be it work or your love life, you must appreciate what you have.

This was a GREAT article and I hope that you were able to gain some practical tips from it like I did.

If we have any readers that are men, Lanvin has a fabulous menswear line.  Gain some inspiration from the photos below.  :)  I did for my hubby!

On a side note, Lanvin is now designing a few pieces for H&M. So you can get something extra cute for an economical price! 

Did you think that this was a good read?  If the answer is yes, what point stood out to you the most?

Fashionably yours - Shellena


  1. Love the wear shoes you can walk in! LOL It's so true!

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