Monday, March 14, 2011

Chic Treasures from an Era Long Ago

I am so inspired by vintage jewelry since most are one of a kind.  Even though there can be some special unsigned pieces, one can be enthused to create captivating fashion statements with vintage jewelry!

Check out some items that I purchased off of eBay recently.  Aren't they cute?  I can't wait to wear them!!!  I'm really getting into copper lately - such a beautiful metal!  It will spruce up any garment since the cinnamon color will be in for the Spring!!!

The lot of 9 vintage pieces includes signed copper earrings from the Renoir, Matisse lines.  These pieces date back to the 1940s and 1950s.  Also, included were 3 cuff bracelets, 1 Elizabeth II bracelet, a matching set of cuff necklace, bracelet and earrings, and an enamel copper ring signed Austria.

The next photo showcases a rose belt buckle of which I am going to have my mother create one of her fabulous masterpieces.  I will share the finished product once she's done.  In addition, I have another cuff, pair of earrings, and a chain necklace.  

I got all of these pieces for $68.99 (includes shipping)!  What a steal, huh?

I will rock a lot of these pieces with my garments on future posts.  So y'all come back to check them out - ok!?!?!  :)

Mint Message:

You can always find better bargains for vintage jewelry on online bidding sites.  Wear your vintage jewelry with modern or traditional clothing.  Vintage jewelry pieces can go with a variety of trends or just create your own fashion uniqueness!

Fashionably yours - Shellena


  1. I love the copper jewellery. Great bargain finds.

    Miss Bias

  2. Fashion Week at any location is so fun and the clothese are always amazing. Melbourne's Fashion Week started yesterday, so I'm excited to go to some of the shows.

    Miss Bias

  3. I love vintage jewellery too! You've got some amazing pieces, so!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  4. Great look, I love the second pic, the flower one, star of the show. Look at you, Chic you.


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