Monday, March 28, 2011

Cool Gel for Your Nails

I love a great mani & pedi, especially when my husband treats me to a day at the nail salon!!  :)  During the spring & summer I go faithfully to the nail salon every two weeks.  In the fall & winter I typically go once a month. 
Since I can be a traditional type of girl with my nails, I typically enjoy only clear nail polish on my hands; however, I don’t mind color or designs on my toes.  Weird huh?  :)
Well, clear nails are less maintenance since my nail polish typically chips away the very next day because of the natural oils that my nail bed produces, hence the reason why I skip the colored nail polish on my hands.   
I’m very fortunate to be really cool with the owners of a nail salon that recently opened in my area called Nail Spa, 4805 Lawrenceville Hwy, Ste 240, Lilburn, GA  30047.  The owner & his staff typically joke around with me while ensuring that they provide me with quality service, which includes a back rub and a fabulous experience with the spa pedi chair.  The light in the tub of the spa chair actually turns different colors - pretty cool! 
One day after shooting the breeze with the girlfriend of the owner, she informed me that they had a new manicure process called “Gel Nails!”  Ok, so I bet some of you are wondering what the heck are gel nails?  Well, the process is similar to a standard manicure, except the nail tech applies a coat of gel polish to your nails with 30 seconds of drying time under a UV light.  Next, a second coat of the gel polish is applied and then you repeat the drying time.  Apparently the safe chemicals in the gel polish keeps your nails dry, thus allowing your polish to stay on longer. The best advantage of gel nails are that they look just like natural nails.  They are thin and flexible, with a glossy finish.  My nail salon has up to 15+ colors currently available.
The next question that you may have is, how long does the gel polish really last?  Surprisingly, it can last up to two weeks or a little more depending upon your routine. 
So, if you are going on vacation, getting married, or are the type of person that likes to have impeccable nails, gel nails are for you!  My nail salon charges $15 above the standard manicure price.

Check out my cool gel nails above (a week old and still looks new!). 
Fashionably yours - Shellena


  1. interesting :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    This is so popular in Norway right now. I haven't tried Shellac yet, but heard it's fab and if you do it on your feet ahead of a holiday your nails will look fab all the time:) Great! See you! :)


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