Sunday, January 23, 2011

They Are About Knee High..

It’s been a very cold winter here in Atlanta lately, but one of my cute and most comfortable tall boots helps me to endure through these arctic like conditions.  These casual, flat pair of tall boots are the most versatile that I’ve ever owned.  I bought them in Barcelona, Spain.  They are not real leather, but were too cute and economical to pass up!
So what’s the history on this boot style?  Some call them tall boots, but I’m really referring to the knee high ones.  You may have heard people say in the past that these are boots that only erotic dancers would wear…well, even at one time I considered them to be very distasteful; however, times have changed!!  These boots can now be worn in a very classy, chic, sophisticated, and retro way.

Consider wearing them with skinny jeans, mid-length skirts, and shirt dresses with leggings like I have on.  If the skirt or short dress covers your knees, feel free to go barelegged.  I even want to attempt to wear them with shorts and a pair of sweater tights for the winter. 

Mint Message:
You can wear brown boots with black leggings and any color shirt!!

Check out some other ways they are worn on the runway to incorporate in your everyday wear!
Fashionably yours - Shellena


  1. Love this post! Saw a young lady that I work with rock these boots. They were an orangy-tanish color. I think I want to try a pair! Cute!

  2. Great blog and post! Boots are one of the only things I look forward to in the winter! Love em!

  3. Ahhhh shoes - my favorite fashion accessory. I adore boots as well. Nice work on the blog...I will check back often! Lord knows I need some up to date fashion advice!!

  4. Awesome job on the Blog! We have a surprise for you over at our blog. Check it out!!! Congrats!


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