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Mint Fashion Bio & Greetings!

Fashion Aspiration
We are originally from Jacksonville, FL and have been admired by many family members, friends, and strangers for our sense of style since junior high school to the present; so we’ve decided to blog our personal style inspirations and communicate valuable trends that we’ve come to appreciate over the years.  Fashion is a sixth sense for us and may/can be for you as well.
We can’t wait to share our “mint taste” with you!  Hence the reason why we named our blog site Mint à la Mode, which is translated to mean “Fresh in Fashion.” 
Welcome to our site!  Please check back frequently to get a showcase on all of our takes on "fresh flavors" of style.  We will include mint messages that are fashion tips and a fashion quote that we refer to as a Maxim Mode or “Saying fashion” stated by us or a designer.  The Flavor the Week will also be something to look forward to since it will be considered the biggest fashion hooray that we’ve been inspired by.
So y’all come back, ya hear!  J 
About Chandra
I believe that your sense of style is your voice, your individualism, your mood all in one. Fashion can be very loud and bold or quietly chic. I love fashion because it never judges me, always allows me to be true to myself and has served as a main source of liberation and expression throughout my life.
I would describe my sense of style as “Crazy, sexy, cool” - LOL! It is forever changing and depending on my mood, can go far left or right within a blink. My sign is Sagittarius, so I move through life with passion and authenticity. With that being said, my fashion reflects “ME” from head to toe. I’m not afraid to try new things and I love to reinvent myself. There aren’t many trends that I haven’t tried at least once. I also love, love, love color!!!  The key is finding the colors that work best for you!
I am moved by many aspects of life when it comes to my fashion. That includes nature, love, paintings (especially art by Salvador Dali), music, culture and dreams. I’m very visual and appreciate movies with lots of color and texture like Mahogany, Carmen Jones, Chicago, Kill Bill, Alice in Wonderland, Sex and the City and The Wiz. I also admire trendsetters like Gwen Stefani, Aaliyah, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Grace Jones. 
About Shellena
Fashion to me can be defined as “an artistic vigor.”  My fashion sense is a cross between vintage/retro blended with everyday wear and contemporary style.  I like clothing that can be effortlessly combined, for example, coupling a designer garment with a great consignment store find.  My number one fetish consists of shoes of which I own over 70 pairs!
I am happily married to Craig and fondly take on the role as his personal fashion stylist/assistant.
My fashion admiration has been a learned behavior from my mom.  She would apply her make up daily, ensure the upkeep of her hair, wear perfume, and rock the most fashionable outfit & shoes!!!  It helped me to see that fashion has no age.  When attending junior and senior high school, my fellow classmates would always ask, “Where did you get that outfit from?”  My response was consistently, “Oh, my mom made it!”  She made me & my sister’s clothes 99% of the time.  If we saw an outfit that we adored at a store or on someone, my mom would always say, “I can make that.  Let’s go to the fabric store to check out patterns and fabric.”  We would spend 3-4 hours in a fabric store as she reviewed notions, remnants, fabric, and patterns. She treasured those moments of looking through a Vogue pattern book - LOL!
I’m inspired by classic movie film stars such as Lana Turner, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.  These women were classy once upon a time. I can’t help but to be inspired by them – they were classic trendsetters.  During that time period, women truly dressed like LADIES!!  Furthermore, I respect the artistic vigor portrayed by Zoe Saldana, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Kerry Washington, Nia Long, Zoe Kravitz, Keisha Knight Pulliam and more!!
European fashion intrigues me.  Women in Europe are not afraid to be daring with style.  They try new things that are subtle, but still manage to stand out naturally.  I try to mix and match European fashion with other traditional styles as much as I can!
Fashionably yours - Chandra & Shellena

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