Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let Your Legs Do the Talking!!

Colorful chunky scarf, check! Fly pair of abstract hoop earrings, check! Sick pair of retro pumps, flirty flats or funky knee high boots, double check!! But did you know that your legs can also be an accessory during these long cold months? Legs are not only smokin' during the spring and summer when you're showing off your sun kissed beauties in a pair of chic high waisted shorts or a sexy mini, but they can also be fashionable in the fall and winter when leggings and tights effortlessly take your chilly wardrobe to another level!

So what's the difference between leggings and tights? Well leggings and tights are actually very similar styles of clothing and both can be worn under another article of clothing such as a dress, skirt, shorts, suit, or even jeans. The main difference between the two is that leggings are usually made of a thicker material and they can also be worn as a pant. Both give your legs extra protection from the cold, except leggings tend to be a lot more comfortable than tights. But the best part is.... they're just so darn cute!!

The two great things about leggings and tights are: 1) you can wear them with everything!! From a business suit to casual wear, you can play up your style by wearing a simple fitted sweater dress and pair of design heavy tights (like my picture above) or rock a cute baby-T with your favorite leggings. 2) Leggings and tights look great on any size!! They have a way of sucking everything in and making your legs look toned and oh so sexy, especially with a 3 inch plus heel! Check out a few examples of ways to accessorize your legs that I thought were super "Minty!" And if you haven’t already, go out and give your legs a makeover! J

Mint Message:

If you’re going to wear your leggings as a pant, it is important to be conscious of your upper body frame and make sure you’re wearing tops that flatter your shape and do not take away from it. After I had my son, leggings were my favorite item!! They made my legs look amazing and even with a little unwanted weight around my mid area; I was able to wear stylish, looser fitting tops that fell a few inches below my butt and still look FABULOUS!! J

Fashionably yours - Chandra
DKNY Stirrup Legging

Urban Chic

The Fly Professional

Simply sleek

Casual Edge

Neutral Knock-out
Rocker's delight

Bold in Black

Color Me Bad


  1. Great tip! I am going to pass this information on to all of the women in my life...


  2. Love those girl! Tights and stockings can be so fun!


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