Monday, May 9, 2011

Mint Focus: Marnie Goding, Elk Accessories Designer

Marnie and Grover

Which suburb of Melbourne, Australia do you reside in? Preston

Who do you live with? My partner Adam, our daughter Willow, and our dog Grover

How did you get into designing accessories? By chance really! My previous career and university years were spent in marketing and event management but through short courses in interior design etc I always knew I would end up working in a creative field. I was sketching ideas constantly for Adam to make (he is a fine jeweler) and without any time to make them – I started to teach myself…..the rest is history!

What attracts you to fashion design? It offers me the creative outlet I need and fashion is exciting. Our accessories are being worn by customers all over the world – it’s a real complement!

Describe your personal fashion style. Adam tells me all the time I am weird but I wear what I love! Everyday though is mostly black, grey and white – classic colors but always comfortable!

What brings a smile to your face? Weekends!

Your biggest fashion splurge? That’s between me and my credit card.

What music is the backbeat to your life? I love classic old Jazz music.

If you could fly to any city in the world, where would you go? Straight back to Paris – its cliché but I adore it ….Adam and I have sworn we will spend at least 6 months living there … one day!

Best meal you’ve ever eaten? I am addicted to Bacio ice cream from Gelo Bar in Brunswick!

Where do you see yourself in five years time? Hopefully in Paris….better sell some more jewelry!

All your accessories are from natural materials, how did that evolve?
We have always looked to using natural products, all sourced from renewable materials. We have recently added in some resin based products, mostly mixed with woods. You have more flexibility with colors etc and this allows us to take on a different look each season. Our main aim though is to create product which lasts past the current season. This requirement is the reason we use classic colors and stick to clean lines and wearable designs so they can be worn year after year.

Tell us about being ‘stylishly simple’…
I am probably more conservative by nature and whilst I marvel at the designs you see on cat walks and in magazines, we strive for classic design. We have a wonderful relationship with our clients and they rely on us each season to produce designs which they will feel comfortable wearing and will compliment their style rather than dominate it. It also works on our desire for pieces to be worn season after season!

Please visit Elk Accessories to check out more of Marnie's work.

Thanks for taking out the time to do this interview Marnie!

Fashionably yours - Shellena
The Elk Accessories Shop
The Elk Accessories Shop
The Elk Accessories Shop
The Elk Accessories Shop


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